August 29, 2012

hood to coast

I had the unique opportunity to participate in the 31st Annual  Hood to Coast race this year.
Now, I'm not a runner. At least I wouldn't have called myself that last February when I was approached to join the team. If you don't know much about this particular race, it takes place in Oregon and 12 people run a relay race from Mt. Hood to the beach in Seaside, Oregon. Three legs of roughly six miles each, 199 miles in total. Not something I EVER thought I would sign myself up for. But when the right group of people came along, I knew it would certainly be an accomplishment well worth the memories. 

All in all, I would say it was hard. Really hard. I enjoyed the van time more than the running time, and the fact that I can now I can say I have done it. Pretty incredible when you think about 12 people running 200 miles in total, and such a great experience. Running through Portland at sunset was certainly a highlight, as well as running 6 miles up a gravel hill road at 2:00 AM. Not something you would ever imagine doing on your own. The party at the beach was what I looked forward to the most, well deserved food, drinks and a good time with good friends! 
And certainly coming home to my favorite flowers from my boyfriend as an accomplishment present was a nice touch too!

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