May 29, 2012

vancouver, b.c.

Back from the holiday weekend!
Our trip to Vancouver, BC was very successful and I am so surprised I haven't been more frequently, being only about a 5 1/2 hour drive from Portland. All you Portlander's looking for a nice weekend away, check this city out. I unfortunately forgot my camera and realized it the second I merged onto the freeway, but decided to do without and capture what I could on my handy little iPhone. 

The Granville Public Market was on the other side of the downtown city, and had the prettiest view of the skyline. Eating lunch while soaking up the sun next to the water was perfect on Saturday. 
As you'll see below, I loved how many unique shops were scattered around the city in various parts of town, each having their own style and vibe. 49th Parallel coffee shop on 4th used all teal dishes, which looked stunning against the dark wood. 
 A few retail shops in Gastown had me wishing they would open a store in Portland. Old Faithful Shop's owner said he would open a Deli before he would open another shop, and have it fall under the same family tree as the shop. Very creative, I hope he does so. 
 Vincent Park, a fun store off Main and 20th. Another shop { not pictured} that I loved was One Of A Few. Great boutique with fun displays and one-of-a-kind apparel. 
 Lululemon, based out of Vancouver, has a Lab where designers run the retail floor on one side, and create their designs in the sewing lab on the other. Some of the designs make it all the way to the rest of the stores, but mostly it's a great way for designers to get feedback and come up with unique designs. 
 A few other things we experienced were the Chinatown Night Market, a drive around Stanley Park, and stopping in Seattle for a quick driving break. 
Staying in the condo we found on allowed us to feel a part of the city, not just passerby's. I would highly recommend the website to anyone travelling outside their home town, you get to look at apartments/condos/homes to stay at which can be rented by night, week, or month. Most are in the heart of the city, and in this case it cost less for 3 nights plus the cleaning fee than it would have to stay at a hotel for 2 nights in the same part of town. Something to look in to! 

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  1. Looks like a blast! Why have I not been to Canada yet?!


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