April 3, 2012


Through Instagram I have found a blogger that I just absolutely love and cannot wait for the next post from. 5ft INF sets the most beautiful scenes on her table and takes a picture from up top. The colors she manages to arrange and plants she brings in to her home are so gorgeous I couldn't resist sharing with you. I think she should start a calendar with all of her prints; it would look just darling in a kitchen, don't you think? Pretty impressive for an iPhone camera. 

{And an update from me on Instagram, I have switched over to FollowGram instead of Instagrid because it shows the caption with each picture as well as the likes and comments associated with each. So no more guessing as to what was going on. And much more is included, like who I follow and who follows me. Just click the picture over on the side bar and it will take you to my feed. Hope you enjoy this one better!} 

1 comment:

  1. love this idea
    she captures perfectly.
    Instagram: tohman


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