April 19, 2011

Guest Post: Megan from Pearls and Pears

Please welcome Megan from Pearls and Pears to this Guest Post Series of:

"Who doesn't love a gorgeous color palette? This is the color combo that I am LOVING right now. 

I don't know when this color started really coming into play in home decor and fashion, however It must have been around the same time that the film Marie Antoinette came out the set was incredible and shades of aqua and pink were throughout the film.

Here are just a few examples of how I am seeing this color used...

In the home...
Thibaut wall paper and matching upholstered bed with a plain white bedspread

Dupioni Silk tufted chairs and ottoman with corresponding damask wallpaper

Gorgeous cast iron powder painted chandelier

For Entertaining....
So cheerful to liven up the home:

In paper products such as stationary and invitations:


But I am absolutely loving this color... Certainly something to incorporate into Summer!!!"

Thanks so much Megan for visiting! Be sure to check out her super cute blog, and take a peek at her pup Gracie, who I have house-sat for several times before. She is the sweetest! 

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